dave phillips - III+

CDR, 2000, Tochnit Aleph, Berlin.   Sold Out


everything is natural and doesn’t know why / recognising individuality, which nullifies all laws, orders and rules / religious beliefs conceal humans from themselves / the conflict between humans disengaged from a higher animal world, and the inhumanity they secrete / affirming life and living it without having to understand it / the non-existence of generalised truth, love and beauty / power is not necessary to guarantee survival, and survival is not enough / the overvaluation of rational and logical thought and the resulting emotional distance from natural chaos / the necessity to destroy, knowing that violence is a resort of mental impotence / how religion rapes, and the need to castrate rapists / choice or the realization and activation of potential possibilities of how to not consume in capitalism / the qualitative positivity of refusal / revaluation of all values / the lie of good and evil / the manipulative orientation of organized politics as economic tools and how media works / society’s channeling of its supressed sensuality into advertisment / mass-media’s information-overload and its lacking direct coherence to existence / economic values and their hostility towards real life / the missing foundation of the term normal / methods of interpretation and their possible manipulations, to your advantage / life should be a pattern of experiences to savour, not to endure / to live as though there was no tomorrow / the principle of gift / richness of the idiots: owning a large number of poor goods / the transmutation of imagination through capital into feces / all beings are together / we have nothing in common except the illusion of being together / contradiction / all thoughts are bad thoughts / refusing both to adapt to the violence of the world, and to embrace the violence of the unadapted / social adjustment offers a choice of servitudes and calls this choice liberty / the meaninglessness of time and the illusion of perfection / the quality of perception defines the state of intoxication / history is only what historians tell us / the obligation to produce alienates the passion for creation / duty without inner necessity is the recipe for idiocy / the authority of the majority. laughable / unity with nature is essential / the universe wants to play / attaining lucidity from power only unveils the darkness of despair, feeding one’s truth on lies / the stultifying achievements of modern man / infatuated with progress, comfort, profit and reason / corrupted beings who have lost their instincts / the inability to play, choosing only contemplation, thus forfeiting nature / the hierarchical principle, a spell that blocks freedom / you could be a criminal - be prepared to act like one / the pitiful gab of national selfcenteredness / times in which an undifferentiated generalised anti-position is hip / the system never had a friendlier face / taking sides over prefabricated trifles that conscientiously stop up the sources / impersonal relationships are the no man’s land of isolation / what binds to others must grow out of what binds to the most exuberant and demanding will to live / the systematic cultivation of consciousness and awareness and its deployment in the world of deeds and objects to bring about desired results / smashing symbols in the name of nothing but the hearts longing for grace, and still grasping something at its roots / a society distorted by the falsification of what is or should be human / the individual is irreducable, subject to change but not to exchange / to hold and to touch / chaos, continual creation, life / instinctive respect and sensitivity / romantically transfigured change / language abstracts /


dave phillips III+ cdr (tochnit aleph) demands a witness for his cruel and unusual execution of sixty-one homicidal turkeys (all of which have it coming). in the gain-attendant tradition of consciousness-captains runzelstirn & gurgelstock and schimpfluch-gruppe, gorked-up splats leap out of nowhere and try to permanently damage internal potentiometers by abusing the far reaches of impact detection. III+ enforces awareness of annexation of all empirical data receptors with magnifying glasses (or a suitably sexy analog). as in all great works of literature from the macrobiotic punctuation school, it’s all about the crossing and the dotting.

(seymour glass, bananafish, Issue 15, January 2000)

haben ost-berlin und das schweizer schaeferdoerfchen aarau irgendwas gemein? na ja, arschloecher gibt’s ueberall; und somit auch menschen, die das ertragen muessen und sich vielleicht einen gewaltigen arschloch-schein aneignen, um den richtigen arschloechern eins vorn latz zu knallen oder oft einfach nur aus spass an der freud’ mit dreck. yop, frech hat deutlich hochkonjunktur. der chi.pflug-schweizer dave phillips ist - aber hallo! - ein kandidat fuer den soundtrack zur schmerzendsten wurst aufm klo, aber auch zur untermalung langsamer rhythmusstoerungen im oder am schritt. phillips wuchtet schreie hervor, gefolgt von schreien und geschrei, wurzelt seinen eigenen sack faltig und loopt in stille daumenschrauben ausm aal. neulich fuehrte jemand in einem gespraech ueber tochnit aleph den vergleich heran, dieses label schliesse in punkto wirkung an die konsequente fortfuehrung grosser weltreligionen an. ganz so ernst war’s nicht gemeint, vermute ich, aber was dave phillips hier produziert, erinnert schon sehr an suendhafte ehrerbietung abgeschlagenen koepfen und bestechlichen juden gegenueber und verbreitet ohne frage den widerspruch einer neu ausgerichteten, universellen erfuellung im schmerz. grosse, grosse CD.

(Erik Benndorf, we poy, Issue 2, January 2000)