various artists - macska leves

CD, 2003, Manufracture, Lausanne.   Sold Out


dp - Eat Beyond Taste & Sensation

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A new treat for those adventures readers out there seeking something new and truly innovative. Manufacture Records various artists compilation titled ‘Macska Leves’ is filled with experimental soundscapes that are guaranteed to impress you.
Macska Leves is a brilliant compilation produced by Manufacture records in celebration of the labels twentieth release. Macska Leves showcases a variety of Manufacture bands as well as a handful of bands that the label admired enough to include on the compilation. The compilation is a deep and thorough investigation into the current underground experimental / noise music scene. Artists participating in the compilation include Dave Phillips, Bastard Noise, Sudden Infant, and Completely censoreded Up Society. This is a small selection of the fifteen artists that comprise the CD.
The first rack on the CD performed by Dave Phillips tilted „Eat beyond taste and sensation” grants the listener a somewhat odd introduction to the strange and boundless world of experimentation contained in the Macska Leves compilation. Dave Phillips composes a track accented by the sounds of belching, farting, shitting and puking? It is hard to determine the origin of these strange noises that plop in and out of this minimalist composition. Instruments beyond bodily functions include some percussion, plucked strings and a rush of noise at the end of the song. Taking innovation and experimentation well beyond what many might expect David Phillips offers a polished and surreal introduction to an equally beautiful and bizarre album.
Macska Leves is everything you would expect from an experimental noise compilation and a lot that you would not expect. Songs vary from highly charged tracks with fierce screaming or shouted vocals backed by walls of noise and power electronics fully unleashed to quainter songs where the emphasis is on a more subtle exploration. The CD experiences drastic mood swings from one song to another. Strange bodily sounds are followed by a delicate spoken word song which in turn is followed by noise and anger. Variety and diversity are given full reign on Macska Leves which delivers a well rounded experimental sound experience ranging from the strange and silly to utter darkness and rage. If it something new, experimental and creative that you seek look no further. Radical Faeries addicted to experimental composition and new thinking about what‚s possible with sound and music while remaining interesting should take advantage of this release. The music is tame to insane and will leave you cut up and mixed up long after your listening experience. Faeries that dabble with electronic music or Faeries completely burned out on repetitive and stale music genres should check out the other side of the rainbow and give Macska Leves. Macska Leves could be challenging listening for those seeking familiar song structures and traditional / comfortable soundscapes. Though the music is experimental it is completely engaging and rewarding for the open minded and adventures listener.

(Malahki Thorn, Heathen Harvest)