dp 'un chien andalou' movie soundtrack

dp 'video action' studio version (off "proceed with inquiry")

dp 'truth is invented by liars'

dp 'proceed with inquiry' dvd menu

dp 'as long as the victims may be quietly buried' video by remote-control_rectum

dp 'i curse you and all your kind' video by remote-control_rectum

dp 'i don't want to set the world on fire' (ink spots tribute)

dp plays 'the call of cthulhu' at IOIC silent film festival zürich 2018

schimpfluch gruppe paris 961123 (a.k.a. spaghetti action)

Sobaki Tabaka RMX by dp, video by Vladimir Epifantsev

dp live milano 8th dec 2017

dp live action at bruitisme la chaux-de-fonds 29th april 2017

perverts in white shirts - pangolin

dp video action (excerpt) in kyiv ukraine 18 nov 2017

dp video action zagreb 170528

proceed with inquiry - dvd teaser

dp live action at abs zürich 130731

dp video action st. petersburg 7th october 2016 (starts 2:30)

perverts in white shirts - favour

schimpfluch-gruppe at terminal oakland 10th june 2016

schimpfluch-gruppe at ende tymes nyc 2nd june 2016 (play loud)

dp live LA 12th june 2016, "rise" album set

dp & justin allart in cape town 12 dec 2018

dp field recordings flussi festival avellino 28th august 2015

dp live at Screamscape 04.06.2015

sonic rituals (the movie) trailer

dave phillips dp live wuhan china 6th july 2014

dp at extreme rituals: a schimpfluch carnival 121130 in bristol, england

dp 'field recordings' at 'extreme rituals'

dp live duo with francisco meirino, fukuoka, japan 3rd may 2012

i shot myself - video by moju

dp ‘field recordings’, mexico city 110908

trailer for dp tours brazil film by fred! 2012

dp soundcheck & interview for laboratorio sensorial, guadalajara, mexico 6th september 2011

gina kamentsky - secret bee (based on dp's 'a drink on spike jones')

dp - at abc no rio, new york city, 100814

dp at cocart 3 music festival torun poland 110326, edit by sylvia

dp live with GX jupitter-larsen, chicago, usa, 22nd august 2010

dp at neon marshmallow festival, chicago, 20th aug 2010

dp ‘live action’, belluno 091008

dp ‘video action’, yaroslavl 090620

dead peni 1 - video by moju

OHNE, yaroslavl 020510

dp ‘video action’, bucharest 061104

ohne - minsk 020503

dp - zürich 021213

dp & eric boros - easy vegan cooking zürich (pt. 1 & 2)

fear of god - burladingen 880219

fear of god - geislingen 870701