various artists - zelphabet d

CD, 2008, Zelphabet, Hollywood.   Available


dp - recycling


The Encyclopedia that my parents had was a thing that ran for three years or so, and every week you got a small portion - like a magazine being delivered, which you had to make into a book yourself. The poor men’s version, but it was great, because every week I used the read the entire thing, rather than looking something up. Its a bit the same with Zelphabet, the series of music by artist with the same first letter, here Damion Romero, Daniel Menche and Dave Phillips - all three with a lengthy piece. Damion, once a member of the unforgettable (for some) Slug, presents a very heavy piece of music here - one long rumble of sound, earpiercing. Menche is also quite loud, who seems to have taped the sound of a helicopter, or maybe two, which he mixes together in a very clever way. One has the idea of standing right next to thing and with the cold wind from the fan on a summer morning it’s a real haunting experience. I could have sworn to have looked outside and see where the damn thing was. Great piece. Following these two quite heavy slabs of ongoing noise, following the cut ‘n paste music of Dave Phillips. He too plays noise, but they arrive in finely sliced blocks, intercepted by silence and crack ‘n boom that has become the trademark of Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock, of which Phillips is a member. Field recordings, outdoor and indoor, heavy machine recordings and things subtle or otherwise, make an intense piece of music. Another fine addition to this slow growing encyclopedia of noise music.

(Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly)