dave phillips - tapes

CDR, 2003, Tochnit Aleph, Berlin.   Sold Out

Ta043 front

Ta043 inlay

the first piece was recorded circa 1992 and has been unreleased

the following three parts were released on tape as dp ‘II’ 1995

the next track was recorded 1989, the one after 1991 both released on dp ‘I’ tape 1993

the last piece was made with Phil Vane (Extreme Noise Terror) and released on a split-tape in 1996


needs no introduction. this contains the first and early un/released tracks from dave phillips. intense and harsh. sensitive and emotional. simple and straight. very complex and far away from noise making only for noise. there is so much to say to dave phillips’ work that i only give you an idea here: it’s very from the heart and dp is able to produce it that you can hear it! this is more than noise. one of my faves again and again!

(Micha Barthel, Recordings for the Summer Newsletter)