dave phillips / emerge - split

C26/digital, 2019, Attenuation Circuit, Augsburg.   Available

edition of 100

Dp emerge front tape

Dp emerge rear tape


As far as I know, I could believe that people such as Dave Philips and Emerge are on a constant tour schedule, and a lot of times they tour together. Looking at the social media accounts of Emerge, he is always en route to the next gig. Of course, that might not be true. It is all a matter of perception I guess. To celebrate their travels together, and no doubt to have a little souvenir to sell, there is this split cassette. The cover is sadly hard to read, but online I found that Phillips calls one side ‘De-Anthropo-Centralise’, which is almost twelve minutes of textbook Phillips music. Loud amplified acoustic sounds, cut into irregular loops or rather repeated blocks; it’s percussive, but again nothing regular, of heavily charged bangs and there are slurred voices/vocals. A very consistent, great piece of music; it is dark and full of tension. Emerge has two parts of ‘Affluence’, which one could also call trademark pieces of what Emerge does these days. He samples a few sounds, water and metal fence would be my best guess in this case, which he loops, stretches and granulates into some fine Tietchens’ like musique concrete, but Emerge does his take on the material, making it louder, perhaps being under the influence of Phillips? This is a fine document, or a souvenir, or just another release; whichever you think fits this. I would recommend this to newbies to these musicians.

(Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly, August 2019)