fear of god - as statues fell

LP, 2013, Foad Records, Italy.   Available

White Vinyl - Limited Edition of 250

Fog asf white

Fog asf white 2

Fog asf fotopost 1

Fog asf fotopost 2


The ultimate in raw aggression. Two 1988 recordings, one obviously live, the other is possibly also, but its hard to tell. This band was brutal, ugly and way the fuck ‘ahead of its time’, whatever that means. We got the 7‘ and then we got this LP in Swizterland in the ’90s from the record store where the drummer had worked, where we heard Rudolph from Runzelstirn and Gurgelstock did too. That might tell you a little about where this is coming from. Makes almost anything calling itself ‘heavy’ now seem a bit sad and goofy.

(Web Of Mimicry)