schimpfluch-commune int. - dave phillips/joke lanz/rudolf

2MC+CDR, 2007, Nihilist, Chicago.   Sold Out

Nihil50 box


At the end of 2006 the Swiss label Schimpfluch existed twenty years and thus also the musical activities of Rudolf, erstwhile known as Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock, but these days also known under his own name. Perhaps it also marked twenty years of Sudden Infant, whose early material was also released on Schimpfluch. Here Sudden Infant, also known as Joke Lanz and team up with their more recent associate Dave Phillips and produced together ‘Schimpfluch-Commune Int.’ Lanz and Phillips provide what is called on the cover ‘elemental recordings and pre-compositions’ and Rudolf with the same as well as ‘allover mutation and final composition’. The three of them collect acoustic sounds, picked up with a contact microphone as well as open microphones their actions and sounds from the mouth, which are they meticulously edited into music. This is noise music plus. Other than a sheer wall of noise, this is collage music, cut and pasted together, through ultra short editing, swift changes and dry sounds. This is not laptop heavy plug in music, if at all made with computers, as I would rather expect these boys to use a splicing block and a demagnetized razor blade to physically cut magnetic tapes, but a rather ‘old fashioned’ electro-acoustic record. A great one at that, actually. If noise is like this, I’d sign up again.

(FdW, Vital)

Schimpfluch Commune Int. brings together the demented sonic minds of Dave Phillips, Joke Lanz(Sudden Infant) and Rudolf Eb.Er( Runzelstirn & Gurgelstøck). To give one of the most deranged, Strange and freakish collection of sound worlds ever committed to audio, this been a reissue of the cdr album that came with their 20th anniversary box set, which is now out of print. On offer is just over 50 minutes of audio madness, sickness and depravity. Used to make up this sick collage world we have all manner of body sounds be it: Burping, Grunts, Vomiting, gurgling, groans, sex sounds etc, Along with Animal sounds like dog barks, baby bird sounds ect. Stirred in are traces of noise, rhythmic, electronic textures, demented fair ground like musically moments and the odd sickened drone. What set’s this apart from other audio demented terrorist is the clever balance between been deranged, musically, entertaining and of course often surprising and shocking. A few favourite moments come in the form of : The opening track Fehlstartprinzip which mixers together looped and circling laughter tracks,comic slapping sounds, merry go round music, shouting and screaming, burping and sick making- all to make a truly deranged opening shot. Pig Buggie(Sau) which mixers the sound of whippings and slapping with sexual moans, cartoon type crash and bang sounds, tinny musical moments and glass tinkering which is both disturbing and funny. But most of the tracks have there appealing moments. It’s all topped off with great Artwork by Rudolf Eb.Er of various human orifices with eyes beeping out from with-in or around the side. A fine example of these three audio artists/perverts conjoined mayhem, that will equally appal, amuse and puzzle.

(Roger Batty, Musique Machine)