Dave Phillips

12.07.2014    435 Art Studio, Taipei, Taiwan.

Organised by White Fungus

video action

20140712 shanghai depopulate05
140712 taipei
Chinatour b


thank you guys so much for putting on such an amazing and inspiring noise/experimental sound art performance. it was magical, artful and spiritual. big ups. Dave Phillips’ wakeup call is such an important voice that we all still need to hear. Noise, became the vital vehicle for his message to deliver to the world, it started in the space that we were in, then it goes into our heart and continues to diverge to the rest of the world, in my hope. This is the first time that I totally felt–noise made sense. art made sense. sometimes, we just gotta say it straight up without beating around the bush. Dave definitely did.

(Sammy Chien, via Facebook)