Dave Phillips

28.09.2014    The Island, Bristol, England.

video action



Dave Philips (Schimpfluch Gruppe pioneer) stole the show in abrupt machine smarts impeccably choreographed to screen splashes of Helvetica bold pointing the finger at our complacently / selfish consumption… a host of animal cruelty zapping the screen bathing us in the despicable stench of being human ……A dervish of drone curdling underneath, launched in sudden shocks of sonic violence… that image of a dead monkey with the word ‘crap’ tattooed on his shaven forehead sticking with me forever …the room trembling to the onscreen horror of a bulldozed trench full of live pigs running blindly over each other to escape a tide of swallowing earth……DP’s sniping mousetraps echoing the electrified spasms of test animals. Slit throats, abattoir scenes to a fizzing of wires… a repeating machine crunch that seemed to be screaming accusingly ‘Use your eyes…your eyes…your eyes… as a trainered foot pushed firmly into the head of a wolf, it’s jutting jaw crushed to a barrage of screeching wares… An amazingly powerful experience that left you hollowed out and wordless.

(cloudboy, Rottenmeats)