Dave Phillips

28.05.2017    Mocvara, Zagreb, Croatia.

video action

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(google translation) And finally, Switzerland’s Dave Phillips remained. His performance came suddenly and well that he came down. Dave Phillips is one of the more active noise musicians who has over 500 concerts behind him and has had several bands in his 25 years long career, and more famous among them is the grindcore band Fear Of God.

As part of his Balkan tour, Ritual Protest Music is performed , a kind of experiment, ie a performance through which he explores human / animal behaviorism. During the fifteen minute video projection that interferes with messages and questions about animal torture, he makes a musical ritual and a sound catharsis with his voice, body and various emotions and ears with a rather unpleasant electronic noise. An unmistakable performance that is definitely not for everyone’s eyes and even lower ears, but it’s nevertheless very impressive and interesting.

(Joža, Sub Site, May 2017)