dave phillips & G✱PARK

photo by unknown

dp & g*park live at Colour Out Of Space Festival, Brighton 7th September 2008

Marc Zeier and Dave Phillips are part of the Schimpfluch Collective and met for the first time in 1990 at a performance of Vehikel & Gefäss in Zürich. They started playing live together in 2008. an album is planned.

“out of the pitch blackness two lights appeared - also acting as minute focal points if somewhat eery. a clangour – bell sounds moving into darker noise. creaking doors – we are in the haunted house, made more atmospheric by the darkness. then what seemed to be a scrawling veering dizzying ride on an aeroplane, spinning out of control, accompanied by shouts, cries, screams of scared passengers. this became quite unsettling – close to the bone for many? some people did leave, too disturbing? more was to come. slaughterhouse dance macabre – sharp shocks of sound interweaving with the plaintive baas of sheep. human and animal mortality at stake here? anyway – a genuinely harrowing experience… even in the realisation that this was clever manipulation. edgy brilliance…” (from a live review by soundsandtexts.blogspot.com)

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