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schimpfluch-gruppe / schimpfluch commune int.

Schimpfluch is born of Rudolf on 28.12.1987 as a label & home for like-minded entities with a therapeutic and/or actionistic background dealing with “psycho-physical tests and trainings“. this concept of’s includes audio/sonic art, actionism, bruitism, performance, musique concrète, painting and installation-work, and deals with therapeutic and analytical actions and reactions of the psyche, the body, and of senses and realities (of both the performers and the audiences), in a radical, critical but also liberating way - an attack on the mind as well as a stimulation of the senses.

Schimpfluch-Gruppe or Schimpfluch Commune Int. is the name used for this collective in whatever constellation it chooses to appear on stage, in public, in front of audiences or on record.

the core of the Schimpfluch-Gruppe or Schimpfluch Commune Int. consists of:

Rudolf / Runzelstirn & Gurgelstøck

Joke Lanz / Sudden Infant

Marc Zeier / G✱PARK

Dave Phillips / dp

Daniel Löwenbrück / Raionbashi


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