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dp and st

Stephen Thomas and Dave Phillips met in 1988 through working for the RecRec Distribution for independent music in Zürich. Tower Of Beef/Doug & Chuck/D&S have been going on and off since 1988 until about 2000, though it’s uncertain whether that’s it. Stephen (currently active as “Les Voda”) and Dave’s collaboration embraced such diverse styles as noise rock, electronic dance music, noise and ambient soundscapes, and though some collaborators (notably Manfred “Paff” Paffrath in the noise rock phase) have come and gone, they worked mostly as a duo. Over the course of time different project names appeared but the three mentioned are the ones that stuck most. Dave & Stephen also made commisioned music for ballet (Trent Gray’s “Tamuté Company”) and performed just once, which was not a good idea. a retrospective album finally appears in 2023.


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